Pam’s funky socks

Dear Pam – is that old shale I see before me?

It’s quite lovely, who’re you knitting it for?

 photo pams sock


Papa’s got a brand new bag.

Well, actually he hasn’t, but I have – or will have when I’ve gotten round to making a strap for it.

My goal was to make a small felted bag I can sling just a couple of bits into when I don’t want lug about handbag #1, which weighs about three tons and appears to contain everything I might need for a month or more if I should find myself marooned somewhere.

This is attempt number two with this particular bag. Attempt #1 went into the washing machine for felting and came out about the size of a house brick and resembling a roof tile.

 unfelted bag

My subsequent efforts at hand felting were pathetic – it has fulled enough to felt the inside floats together, but not much more than that.

Notes; 42 stitches x 56 rows (14 pattern repeats) plus 2 x 12 row hems. T3 on the 155

I may post an updated pic when it’s finished to my satisfaction.


Dyeing your own yarn is great fun and quite addictive.

The below picture shows a rainbow dyed skein (top) and my first experiment
with dyeing sock blanks (the two smaller blue skeins beneath). The great thing about sock blanks is that you get two (almost) identically patterned socks from one skein without having to work out where along the skein pattern to start knitting – and which with many hand-dyed yarns is practically impossible to achieve.Dyeing

The second picture shows a matching pair of socks knitted on a 72 needle circular sock machine from a self made, self dyed flat panel sock blank.matching socks

The hairy legs aren’t mine btw. 🙂