Papa’s got a brand new bag.

Well, actually he hasn’t, but I have – or will have when I’ve gotten round to making a strap for it.

My goal was to make a small felted bag I can sling just a couple of bits into when I don’t want lug about handbag #1, which weighs about three tons and appears to contain everything I might need for a month or more if I should find myself marooned somewhere.

This is attempt number two with this particular bag. Attempt #1 went into the washing machine for felting and came out about the size of a house brick and resembling a roof tile.

 unfelted bag

My subsequent efforts at hand felting were pathetic – it has fulled enough to felt the inside floats together, but not much more than that.

Notes; 42 stitches x 56 rows (14 pattern repeats) plus 2 x 12 row hems. T3 on the 155

I may post an updated pic when it’s finished to my satisfaction.


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